Frequently Asked Questions

+ I want to purchase a piece of furniture - what do I do?

Great news! If you haven’t already, go check out our SHOP tab to get a feel for the designs and finishes we offer. All of our pieces are handmade to order and so the photos are more representative of our designs than and not actual pieces that are available for purchase. However, if you see a design you like simply purchase as you normally would and we’ll follow up with an order confirmation email confirming the details of your order.

If you’re looking for a piece with unique elements to it - like one of our live-edge tables - then feel free to GET IN TOUCH and we’ll be happy to send over a few photos of the slabs that we have available. Because we’re constantly receiving slabs and turning them into tables, we don’t keep a running inventory on our website, but can send photos upon request.

When in doubt, feel free to GET IN TOUCH and we’ll be happy to help out however we can.

+ I want a dining table, but don’t know what size I need - help!

No sweat, most people don’t. Table size depends a little on the size of the room in which it will be going, along with how many people you’re looking to accomodate. We generally recommend planning for 24”-30” of width per person along the sides of the table, depending on the chair style and dimensions. Our most popular size is 8ft x 42in (96” x 42”) which typically seats 8-10 people (3-4 people along the sides, one at each end) depending on the table’s base design and the afore-mentioned chair parameters.

+ I can’t decide between a live-edge table and a more standard-edge table. What are the Pro’s & con’s?

We get this question all the time and the short answer is, “it depends.” There are a variety of factors that go into this choice, but ultimately it boils down to personal preference and the overall aesthetic of your space. A modern white-washed slab table may not be the best fit for an extremely traditional home, but may be perfect for an eclectic or more contemporary space. With that said, get what you want - what speaks to you. Life is too short to play by rules, so if you want to put a modern table in a traditional space, then we’ll support you 100%.

Not into a live-edge table, but still want a little extra style? We’ve got your back. In addition to “live edge” or “natural edge” slab tables, we also offer other edge profiles, including an “undercut bevel” and a softer, “pillowed” edge.

+ Tabletop Options: “Single SLab” vs “two slabs” vs “standard tabletop”

One of the main questions we answer revolves around the different options for a tabletop. The three main options we offer are, “single slab”, “two slab”, and “standard tabletop - so what’s the difference?

A single slab tabletop is exactly what it sounds - the whole tabletop is made from a single live edge slab of wood. As you may expect, slabs that are wide enough to use as a tabletop require a massive tree and are consequently more rare and therefore more expensive. Pricing varies a little based on wood species, but this typically is the most expensive option for a table due to basic supply & demand of these wide slabs.

A two slab tabletop is also fairly self explanatory. Here we take two more narrow slabs and join them together, creating a single, seamless top. People often are uneasy about this, thinking that it will look too obvious, but it’s a fairly standard practice in the furniture world and looks great. This is a great way to achieve the width of a standard dining table and still maintain the live edge design. All pieces are obviously unique and so each tabletop will look different, but this is by far our most popular option.

A standard tabletop is what we call a tabletop that is comprised of multiple boards and does not have a live edge. If you’ve ever owned or used a solid wood table then this is most likely how the top was made. This type of top is made by seamlessly laminating several boards together to achieve a single, continuous surface that meets the table’s width parameters. When done correctly, this type of tabletop looks great and offers a more cost effective option than a single slab or two slab top.

+ I Think I may need a custom piece - how does that work?

In addition to the variety of pieces we offer, we also offer custom pieces for clients with unique spaces or specific requests. Whether you’re simply looking for one of our existing pieces in a different size, a different material choice, or want something entirely unique altogether, we’ve got your back.

Send us an email with all the information you have compiled thus far (dimensions, material preferences, buget etc.) along with any inspiration photos you have for the piece. We’ll take a look at the project and let you know if it’s something with which we can help.

+ How long does it take for me to get my furniture after I’ve ordered?

We strive to keep lead times as short as possible on all furniture orders, but because each piece is meticulously handmade to order, our standard lead time usually ranges from 4-6 weeks. We’ll often complete pieces ahead of schedule, but lead time often changes due to seasonal demand. Rest assured that if you order a piece from us we’ll keep you updated throughout the process and let you know of any changes.

+ Can I pick up my table from your Shop?

Absolutely. We’ll let you know once your piece is completed and will work with you to schedule an appointment for pickup.

+ Will you deliver my table and set it up in my house?

We offer free delivery within 20 miles of our shop and are happy to assemble the piece upon arrival. We can deliver to further locations, but will charge an additional delivery fee.

Additionally, while we’re happy to deliver your new piece, we ask that you have a clear path to the landing site and remove any existing furniture in advance. We won’t remove any existing furniture from your space.

+ Do you ship pieces? If so, how does shipping work?

Absolutely! We ship all across the US and Canada. Before you order, send us a quick email with the parameters of the piece you’re interested in, along with the zip code to which it will be going and any special instructions that may be necessary for delivery (i.e. 35th floor of an apartment complex, or gate code required, etc.) From there we’ll send you a freight quote for the shipment.

Once the piece is completed, we’ll build a complementary custom wooden crate for it, spank it on the bottom, and send it on its way. All our shipments are quoted with full value insurance, as well as a call-ahead notification before delivery, and are shipped via motor freight straight to your location.

+ I have my own materials - can you use them to make a custom piece?

In short, “it depends.” We’re happy to take a look at the materials you have, but for many complicated reasons we aren’t always able to make use of client-provided materials. We’re certainly open to the possibility, but we can’t make any promises until we see what we’re working with. If you’re interested in having us look at using your materials for a project, send us good photos and include all relevant information about the material that you can (what it is, where it came from, where it’s been stored, how was it dried, etc.)